Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Demise of Prof.Senaka Bible is a conspiracy

 Demise of Prof. Senaka Bible is a conspiracy
This is a reproduction and I tend to believe the circumstances.
The story then was the poison was put in wine by an air hostess and there was inadvertent delay in seeking medical aid.

The same company conduct an annual oration in his name (good old American Methodology, similar to Area 51).

He was my teacher and he is probably reborn in a another alien planet and I believe aliens have advised him not to visit this planet again.

Dr Bibile died in 1977 at Guyana, under mysterious circumstances. 

The section regarding his death is being consistently removed from Wikipedia by an unknown entity, each time someone updates it.

It is a well known 'secret' that Dr Bibile was murdered by inducing cardiac arrest using a drug(s) that has been available, even before second world war. One of his colleagues were involved in the murder to ensure that he would not recover from the 'heart attack' by not taking prompt action as well as taking the wrong cause of action as well as a delayed cause of action to recover him. As a matter of fact, this doctor colleague of doctor Bibile from UN, asked Mrs Bibile for her forgiveness for letting him die that way, implying that he was simply a tool for corrupted multinational drug companies, in which she replied, "If you can bring him back, then I will forgive you". 
Known multinational pharmaceutical companies were involved in Dr Bibile's murder. 
The truth will come out one day as it happens all the time.

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