Wednesday, August 3, 2016

In the event of alien contact.

Fact or Fiction?
In the event of alien contact.

1. The entire human history is studded with conspiracies.

2. The conspiracies are slanted with faith and religion.

3. It is useless to think science has a major role in human thinking and progress.

4. If not for Russia;
No faith
Allegiance to the state
No Stand Off with secret service
There is only one truth, communism

5.Alien saga is good enough for detente

6. China is in state of suspense, not knowing what to do!

7. Basis of conspiracy not on "need to know" classification but on Need not know basis for ordinary citizens.

8. UK and USA unanimous collusion staging the conspiracy.

9. French in intransigence.

10. Ceylon caught up napping not having a language of communication.

Telepathy there only choice with total misinterpretation when translated into BBC news.

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