Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Microsoft’s Strategy

 Microsoft’s Strategy

This strategy is similar to elimination of Professor Bibile's, humane drug policy.

Bulldoze other operating systems with Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).
Why I have stopped writing about Linux?
I have stopped writing about Linux  (this site is named Linux 100) mainly because of of the popularity of the smart phones.

Smart phone  is a minicomputer and is slowly outstripping the PC Market.
Reason for writing about Linux, is to show how Linux contributed to IT industry and how Microsoft tried to kill Linux by various alliances (Novel included).

1. Android is Linux based (has taken over the place of Apple iPhone).

Microsoft is NOW struggling to enter the phone market.

2. Unlike Apple and Microsoft, Linux has many desktops from minimal to heavy (KDE).
I love Gnome but now Xfce4 is almost becoming the standard due to its low usage (fast) of resources.

3. Server market is dominated by Linux.

4. The cloud can be easily managed by Linux.

5. The story is when one cannot kill, one has to embrace it.

Microsoft is lately doing it to survive in the Cloud Market, and it is unknown  truth that Microsoft use Linux in its back end cloud space.

The bottom line is if you have money buy the elegant iPhone.
If you are low in budget or want a second smart phone by an Android and not a Microsoft (you have to pay for every little thing you download).

Of course you have Samsung (again Linux derivative) as an attractive design.

In the meantime F-Droid free software version of Android is building up its repertoire of software.

Linux is all over the place including NASA space station NOW and Microsoft cannot monopolize. 

I am one of those guys who used Linux exclusively and pity the guys who pay for a product which is out of date.

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