Thursday, September 24, 2015

“Ten Days in America”,

This is a little passage from my new book, soon be out on Amazon “Ten Days in America”, every American visitor should read.

It is not meant for long stay visitors.

Perhaps I may have to make a bigger edition.

Please do NOT mind my English

The objective is simple.
To have an open air station for tutorial in English to foreign students.
You may ask why in open air?
The answer is also very simple.
There is no place available for me in Sri-Lanka.
All taken up by Sri-Lankan prospective teachers (and British and American proxy teachers) who teach crash courses in ten minutes to all gullible Sri-Lankan poor students.

Besides, American and British agencies charge huge sums.

The idea is for it to be not detected by education or Sri-Lankan authorities. 
If Americans detect it, there is no problem locally or internationally, it is not under their jurisdiction.

If a Britisher (especially the holiday makers) detects it he or she may improve his or her English while looking for WiFi hot spot in Sri-Lanka.

My Wifi is both HOT on air and spices.

If Banki Moon detects it, there is no Human Rights violation. 

It actually empowers Human Rights of the migrants who want to become naturalized Americans.

All this is to reach my West Indian American in New York who needs some guiding to pass the English Test.

Besides, I need to send some videos of Sri-Lanka and he needs to reciprocate with his own video editions from America.

Besides we need to be in touch until we meet again.

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