Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Debian 8.2

Debian 8.2
The Hard Drive of my old computer is about to pack up.
I just managed to finish my latest book and nothing else to do and happy that I finished my work before the impending catastrophe, decided to copy some of the work and Linux distributions to an old USB hard drive.
I booted it but could not remember the ROOT password.
I could remember the user password but it won't let me copy.
Then, I booted another USB hard drive which run a Live Session and transferred all the images.
I was not happy to transfer my work and went for a Debian Solution.
I booted up the Debian 8.2 Install DVD (I of 3 DVDs) and Instaledl the latest Debian.
It took one hour, simply because I installed all Desktops from Gnome, KDE, XFCE, MATE, Cinnamon and LXDE.
That is the high point.
I have six desktops Now, not one.
Secondly, I installed the GRUB in the USB hard drive.
So if my hard drive packs up, I can still try running other distributions I have in my old computer.
So if the GRUB in my SATA fails, NOW I can run with the GRUB from the USB.
I was lucky Debian could not configure my Network at installation since that would have taken another two hours with a SLOW Sri-Lankan Internet connection.
Now I am posting this from Debian and at run time Debian configured my network automatically.

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