Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best Christmas Gift is Puppy

Best Christmas Gift is Puppy
When I say a Puppy, I mean Puppy Linux.
I am averse to giving a Puppy as a X'mas gift, since the poor fellow is really neglected when all in the household go back to work and children to school after holidays.
It is the worse gift as far as the puppy is concerned.
Whereas, if one gives a Puppy Linux where there are many breeds going over 100, it is play time for kids as well as adults.
The latest Precise has many derivatives with KDE; LXDE; Gnome and Mate.
 One has an array of desktop displays to choose.
The Rasor and SlimPup are over 400 MiB and SlimPup has Blender, Gimp and Inkscape to choose which are heavy weight applications in Linux.

I wonder, how they have bundled them in only 400 MiB.
I like the MATE for its unobtrusive and organized desktop.
LXDE is also rich with its applications.
If one is crazy there is FAT pup in 64 bits.
Go and enjoy the holiday with Puppy of your choice.
The precise has done precisely what light weight mind should carry, on holidays, in a BOX or a mini CD.

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