Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gamma Alert-Information

Gamma Alert

This is an entry point to counteract the misinformation campaign which we are bombarded with.

Be that it may be, from doctors, pharmaceutical company, sales representatives, lawyer, priests, politicians, media moguls or any prankster.

It very difficult to filter through this misinformation campaign, whether it is local or global.

I use gamma because it can be measured with a Geiger Counter.

My investigations are mainly on scientific events, like dark matter and dark forces, which are in plenty in the Universe but scientists have failed to investigate in full.

Similarly there are lot of dark forces in this country including in politics, especially in legal fraternity where only minions are prosecuted but rank mafiosi elements are protect by default.

What one can do as a good citizen is to be on the look out for loose ends and be on the guard, all the time.

I am not expecting anyone to become an investigator par excellence but to avoid pitfalls created by guys like Sakwithy.

The word alert is relevant here.

Be a vigilante instead of an investigator.

We cannot expect the media moguls to do this because they are by their very nature are engrossed in this misinformation and their underworld business interests.

Media is their front end, the back end is mafiosi operations.

We cannot expect the police to do it.

We cannot expect the priests to do it.
We cannot expect the legal fraternity (their business is to protect the hawks).

But unlike few years ago we have a very potent media.

That is the World Wide Web.

Having said that WWW is used most of the time for misinformation.

For example one USA female writer (either she is mad or part of a big operation) has listed 20 odd reasons for not drinking tea.

I glanced that web piece and not a single fact was scientifically proven, only hearsay.

What we can do is to form small pockets of scientifically inclined guys and girls to form little social media outlets and share critical information (including stock market).

Especially, if misinformation is seen inform the group of the possible links (Ceylon Tea is an example. Coffee guys are doing it).

I see only by forming groups of “Good Citizens” that we can counteract the ill effects.

We proved it at the last election and we can do it again.

The misinformation campaign is brewing in political fronts.

One must have the proper tools, like whistle blowers, insiders, proper analysts and scientists.

Without these backups tools if one blows up a piece of information, it generally falls into the hand of mis-informers.

Do not share any information which cannot be verifiable.

For example a particular Meditation Center dishing out “Sovan Certificates”.

I want the people to be well informed and happy even in a simple case of booking a pleasure trip.

Of course I have a bigger range for gamma alert which covers global events like global warming.

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