Monday, April 11, 2016

Firearm Free Society

Firearm Free Society

It is appropriate to revisit the JVP and LTTE.

Not of their achievements but impact they had made in gun industry.

Before JVP almost all the landowners had a registered gun or rifle.

Government withdrew all the licenses as a result.

But LTTE with the help of RAW took up arms.

After a big battle they were unarmed.

Imagine if we did not have both those in our history.

We would be like America.

Police officers getting killed while on duty.

Come April we would have firearm incidents unprecedented in this part of the world.

Only defense officers can carry firearms.

In spite of this we have local mafia carrying illegal fire arms.

We must search and destroy all firearms not belonging to the defense forces.

Recent incident in the North is and eyeopener.

They say history repeats.

That is if we are not vigilant.

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