Friday, February 12, 2016

Failed Taking Over Control-Mosquito Strategy

Failed Taking Over Control-Mosquito Strategy

A smart mosquito called in an important political conference.

His bone of contention was that it a mosquito right violation, getting killed in the middle of a feast.

Only humans kill them and all the other animals simply oblige.

The elder mosquitoes asked to plan a defense strategy.

This is how its went.

1. Start a Research Project.

2. Hijack a human being for study.

3. Find an anesthetic injection just like the anticoagulant that the mosquito injects with its saliva.

4. Make it more potent so that human goes into deep sleep instantaneously.
They could not make it potent enough.

5. The decision was to go in swarms (teams) of ten to twenty.

6. The first batch was send to the parliament.
The reason was most of them sleep while on sessions.

7. None of them returned.
Guess why?

8. All of them got drunk which was made worse by the additive effect of the anesthetic in their system.

The corollary of this is, if YOU have a problem with mosquitoes have a big booze and go to sleep.

Our anesthetic is more powerful than what mosquitoes found.

10. Their research team is still working on anti-doping (alcohol) recipe.

Interestingly Good Governance has already found a doping drug to stop all investigations of corruption!

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