Friday, August 21, 2015

Elephant Thinking

This is what an elephant was thinking while being dressed up for the grand pageant in Kandy.
Why I  am chained?
Why these people gather in numbers to watch my incarceration?
Do these people have a brain as big as mine? 
Do they use their brain or are they very selfish to restrain my freedom?
My brain is big but my plea very is simple.
Give me my freedom.
The man does not need a brain as big as mine but they should use a bit of their cocky brain for fair play and equal opportunity.
Are these only fancy words with no meaning?
I hope few of these spectators, especially foreign visitors spare a little moment to grasp what my thinking brain does while parading in front of you and not admire the the majestic beast in me.
I am big but very gentle in my ways unlike the man the dirty beast.

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