Friday, November 13, 2015

Linux Games

Linux Games
Games in Linux is its weak Link.
I decided that I would concentrate on developing games in my retirement, even though I am not into programming at all now..
I in fact have a Book On Linux Game Development, which I bought few years ago.
It looks like I need not bother very much.
But I have few reservations having looked at Sparky Linux.
I dismantled all my 32 bit computers in preparation for this endeavor.
I am into 64 bit world.
The motherboard is i series Gamer Motherboard with PCI ports for upgrading to Newer graphic cards.
I had problems with UEFI and I have dealt with it in few hours of experimenting at night with Windows 8.1 in the system.
I have two one terrabite hard disks for game databases.
I got Peppermint and Debian installed with a extra BIOS partition in hard disk one.
Peppermint is in first SATA disk.
Debian and Sparky Linux in second SATA disk.
Windows have to be in the first disk by corporate design.
Now few words about Sparky Linux.
Not necessarily in game context.
It does not support Ethernet computers.
Blue tooth is its game base.
I could not update its software (Office suite) due not having blue tooth connection.
I will try with a dongle later but I have to pay twice one for Ethernet and one for wireless (SIMS) dongle.
I do not want to fiddle with my wife's Microsoft configured wireless router which has given endless problems to her and I bought a tablet for her connectivity when Telecoms goes out with a thunderstorm and lightening.
Linux s far behind when compared to Windows.
I now use Windows for TV Card and Games only.
I have not tried other Linux gamers including Fedora's version, even though, I have all the game DVD isos.
I start my work up with Tiny Linux games I played over the last 10 years.
I hope Linux would not ignore those tiny games developers played along side with black terminal when they were they were busy programing!

SparkyLinux 4.0 “GameOver”
SparkyLinux 4.0 “GameOver” is out.
It has been built on the top of SparkyLinux 4.0 “Tyche” and it’s fully compatible with Debian testing “Stretch”.
“GameOver” is a special edition of Sparky targeted to gamers.

The most important changes inside the GameOver 4.0:
– Linux kernel 4.0.5
– all packages upgraded from Debian testing repositories as of 2015/07/09
– lxde-common 0.99.0-2
– openbox 3.6.0-2
– PCManFM 1.2.3-1.1
– Iceweasel 38.1.0esr-2
– vlc 2.2.1-dmo6
– steam & steam-launcher
– desura for linux
– wine & playonlinux
– Sparky-IA – quick access to very old games
– grub 2.02~beta2-26
– added support of the system installation on 32 bit machines with UEFI motherboard
– system rebranding
– theme “Sparky4” and icons set “Ultra-Flat-Icons”
– Gnome-Alsamixer replaced by Pulse Audio Mixer

New applications:
– Sparky Internet Archive (sparky-ia) – lets you launch and play online very old games stored at Internet Archive via the default web browser. The application lets you choose one of the 3 game categories:
– Classic PC Games
– Internet Arcade
– MS-DOS Games

A set of emulators of old machines and systems available via the package manager and Sparky APTus Gamer: AdvenceMENU, Atari800, DeSmuME, Desura Installer, DOSBox, DOSEMU, ePSXe, FCEUX, FS-UAE, GNOME Video Arcade, Hatari, Higan, Hega Fusion, MAME, Mednafen, MESS, Nestopia, PCSX, PlayOnLinux, PPSSPP, Steam, Stella, VisualBoyAdvance, Virtual Jaguar, Wine, Winetricks, Yabause, ZSNES
A set of preinstalled games: 0ad, 3dchess, airstrike, alienblaster, amphetamine, antigravitaattori, armagetronad, asciijump, asylum, atomix, balder2d, barrage, berusky, billard-gl, biniax2, black-box, blobby, bloaboats, blockout2, brainparty, bygfoot, chromium-bsu, einstein, extremetuxracer, five-or-more, flare, four-in-a-row, freecraft, freedroid, frozen-bubble, funnyboat, gnome-chess, gnome-hearts, gnome-klotski, gnome-mahjongg, gnome-mastermind, gnome-mines, gnome-nibbles, gnome-robots, gome-sudoku, gnome-tetravex, gnubik, gnuchess, gnugo, gtkatlantic, gtkpool, gunroar, holdingnuts, iango, lbreakout2, lightsoff, liquidwar, ltris, maelstorm, megaglest, minetest, mokomaze, monopd, monsterz, moon-buggy, moon-lander, netmaze, netpanzer, openarena, pacman, performous, quadrapassel, slimevolley, smc, snake4, snowballz, supertux, swell-foop, tali, teeworlds, tennix, tetzle, tomatoes, transcend, warzone2100, wesnoth, widelands, xblast, xmoto, zaz
Live system user is: live
Password: live
Root password is blank (empty).

Minimum system requirements for SparkyLinux “GameOver”:
– CPU i586 / amd64
– 256 MB of RAM memory (some games need more than that – 500-1000MB recommended)
– an optical DVD drive or 4GB USB stick for Live medium
– 20 GB of space for installation on a hard drive (30GB recommended)
– 16 GB of Flash/Pen USB drive for “normal” installation (32GB recommended)

New iso images of SparkyLinux are available at our download page:

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