Saturday, November 28, 2015

Knoppix 7.6 and LibreOffice 5

I am writing this with Knoppix 7.6 booted on an a 16 GiB MicroSD.
I partitioned it with two partitions.
10 GiB Fat which Knoppix used  4 GiB of space for ntfs.

Other was a ntfs partition. 
My Internet provider has restricted me to 5 KB / per second since I have exceeded the download limit of 20 GiB.
In spite of the slow speed I was briefly on to my blog site through my MicroSD.
It also runs a script preventing undesired cookies running and that is why it is fast.

I signed a contract of unlimited download 10 years ago when only a very few were using Internet-there were no wireless routers then-I went to Singapore and bought one. Unfortunately for me the University student hackers (I believe Engineering students) got hold of our wireless signal and were using it (the wireless security was not available for Microsoft, then). 
I detected it using my Linux BOX but did not go further except disconting using the wireless but used the Ethernet with secure SSL. 
The University stands a wireless range away and our current wireless connection is protected but it serves as a hot spot.
All this preamble is to illustrate a point that our students who get FREE books UP TO the university wants everything FREE including Operating Systems.

They pirate the Microsoft System when Linux is freely available.

Less than 1% (my study) of the students in HIGHER EDUCATION use free software or Linux.

That is the irony of the FREE EDUCATION and FREE BOOKS provided by the school system.

The school which is walking distance from the University has NO Science Stream.

Few years AGO, I tried to introduce Linux to students of this school through a young teacher friend of mine. 
The teacher was transferred out of this school, probably because of the intransigence of the free education system (one book is enough attitude applied to operating systems including Linux).

So if these students are out of school and looking for a pastime, they are free to download Knoppix 7.6 and try it themselves.
The reason for my writing this is to get the Linux developers to use LibreOffice 5 in their distributions in double quick time.
It has Thesaurus which my current Peppermint 6 and Debian 8.2 do not have.
Within a week of complaining about Thesaurus in Linux in 64 bit computers, I have a Live System which has Thesaurus under synonyms and one has only to select the word and right click the word.

I saw a Web Piece which states by selecting tools, options, language, and language aids, One can grab the Thesaurus.
I checked this routine BUT it does not provide the desired OPTION.  
I am in the process of installing Knoppix in my computer.
It needs a reiserfs partition. 
Funnily it was only in Denish installed from a English DVD. 

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