Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Revisiting Windows

Revisiting Windows

I must confess that after a decade of using only Linux, I installed Window's 8 well hidden from my Linux distributions.

I am glad to say Windows can be booted from a second hard drive (SATA not IDE) with the first hard drive having only Linux distributions.

It took three days of fiddling and no need for me to boast about.

UEFI boot sector was also demoted to a lower ranking position with the first hard drive having a Linux Master Boot sector instead of BEOS boot partition.

I need to touch Del or F2 keys to boot what ever I want including my favorite Flash Drives with multiple Live Linux distributions.

In case my wife (she never does) boots my computer, (if I am away abroad and I want a file or photo downloaded by my mobile) she will only see Windows in my BOX.

She is scarred of Linux. 

She is fully cleaned off from any Linux remnants.

She does not need to (she has her own computer) in case her computed is infected by a Virus she need to use mine.

It took only three days of fiddling to downgrade Windows to lower rank.

Amazingly it took the same time to configure the Internet (I could not use IE for three days).

I forgot Microsoft still needs drivers to configure Internet hardware, which Linux does a good job at boot time.

Debian could not do it either with its DVD booting, but configured the Internet after installing the system, without me bothering about the IP address and the rest.

I forgot some important assets of Linux in my book Linux Revisited.

Number 1, drivers are installed at boot time including Internet connection for updating, the system.

Linux is Internet friendly.

Number 2, Linux does not need adding up software (like I do minimum at boot time and pick and chose packages from the repository) if YOU chose the correct the distribution with all the packages.

One installation is all that is necessary.
Number 3, is that there is no endless rebooting which Windows Love.

In other words Linux save time.

It took three days for me to get the Windows 8 to my liking.

Three Linux distribution in one hard disk took only one night for me (I was briefly up in between the distributions but deep in sleep while installation was on).
Once I commit a job for Linux BOX in the night, I check it only in the morning.

Reliable and Stable. 

Only hindrance is frequent power failure of our Electricity supply.

In fact, we were without electricity the whole morning today.

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