Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Old Media Files with Windows 8

My Old Media Files with Windows 8
I am getting ready well in advance for Christmas holidays.
I found two hard disks with in built Hard Disk Player.
It was full of old Linux isos and few media files and song tracks.
One of the flies was Home Alone Video.
I tried to play it with Windows Media Player, it only played the audio file. 
I connected it to a KVM Switch / Slot and played it on VGA but it needed speakers for audio. 
Well I needed RF Jack to plug into Combo.
All are now USB media players.
Ah, lot of work and wire connections not digital but analogue.
Then on second thought, I wanted it to be played on Peppermint's VLC Media player.

Files were good as NEW.

This why I say Window's is pain in the Arxxs.

I won't bother to visit Microsoft and PAY for a Media Player.

Windows Guys / Girls there are lot of Linux Software that can be used in Windows and I won't list them, here.

You better find them yourself.

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