Monday, August 15, 2016

Do not Hunt Aliens

Do not Hunt Aliens

This is a dream and nobody should take this piece seriously (regarding aliens).

Let me make a brief note on dreams.

Sleep and dreams are essential for reinvigorating the working of the wakeful mind.

Dreams are specially useful for those having thought block when writing something trivial as a blog piece  or a story.

Lot of dreams we never remember.

If you want to remember you have to jot them down immediately.

Dreams does not create memory tracks and I believe they actually erase the excessive neural connections used in wakeful states.

I had a bit of a physical day.

Ended up watching a bizarre futuristic science fiction film.
It felt awful and the story did not have any message except total confusion.

I could not figure out what the creator wanted me to grasp.

Perhaps nothing but confusion.

Alien Dream
Getting back to my dream, I cannot remember the beginning.

I was in a strange place with unfamiliar people.
I was on doing some boring work.
I asked for a cup of tea.
The one who made me the cup of tea was a stranger.
He appeared be one of my helping hands and a mischief.

He made me a awful tea.
It was cold and watery.
I asked him why it is cold.
He immediately said I thought you love iced tea.
I did not have ice so made it cold.

This strange alien fellow is reading my mind I thought.

Next thing I remember was, I had to negotiate a deep water crossing.

It was risky and needed a long rope and the distant end looked like a cliff.

The plan was for me to descend down to the edge (how it was secured onto the distant end was a mystery) and return after a brief examination.

I wend down, came close to the end of the cliff but it appeared to be very tall roof built on the rock with something like a monastery below.

The idea was for me to cross over and return after little peep.

My helpers were holding onto the other end to pull me back in an emergency.

This was like a military drill that I had to do to prove my credentials.
I swung across and strangely somebody like a monk greeted me.
I asked this is the end.
He said no and it is the sliver line or the silver rope.
Instructions were for me to follow him.
He climbed up along narrow corridors with various huts on either side which looked liked small cubicles made for individual meditators.

I will cut the story down here. 

He was leaving behind signs and wooden planks across and finally came to a muddy but dark pit.
He put planks across and walked on them swiftly and for me, I was walking fearfully to my own grave

Then he finally disappeared into the watery grave.
I had no option left but to jump to the pit to stop him.
I did so but there were many other un-earhly beings and luckily for me one of them saved me from the watery grave.

I would try to interpret this in an alien point of view.

The strange guy was an alien from a distant planet.
He could change his appearance form a helping hand to a guide to a monk.
He was leading me to a certain disaster.
He had no remorse.
He had no smile but seemed to me controlling my actions.

Who saved me, I do not know.

I think it was my dog who followed my scent.

I actually over slept by 3 hours and if not for this dream I would be still sleeping and no story for you.

What to take home.
1. Do not go hunting aliens.

2. Do not watch nasty films before going to sleep.

3. Practice Momentary Moment Meditation (3M) when your mind goes crazy.

4. Sleep well.

5, Read your favorite novel before you drop to sleep.

6, Do not trust aliens if you happen to meet any.

7. They will steal your dreams (aliens cannot dream like us)

8. The worst they will abduct you for flimsy examinations,which you will have no memory!

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