Monday, August 15, 2016

Be yourself!

Be yourself!

Why do I say “Do not hunt aliens.”

For the simple reason, they will reciprocate.

If you hunt aliens, they hunt you down with much vigour they can muster.

Ignore them and get on with your own self.

This is why I hate these guys/girls who say and claim, they have open up an avenue for communication with a cosmic order or channel.

There are two of my own reasons for the aversion.

One reason is, over 90% of them are human tricksters and suckers.

The rest 10%, if you consider them genuine, they are already sucked up to the alien influences, God knows for what reason, most likely selfish, I believe.

Protect yourself from outside influences what ever they may be, and enjoy yourself to the utmost bliss not hindered by living or dead souls.

That is where “Moment Meditation” will inspire you to a higher mental order of yourself.

You do not have to share (in true sense one cannot) this experience with anybody including yourself (it is transient and temporary) but enjoy the discovery and enlightenment.

Imagine one can read the mind of another (God may be).

See the chaos it creates.

There over 7 billion chaos to conquer.

Would you ever try this in real life.

It is utter madness.

Be yourself, this moment and the next that not yet come.

Do not look back over the past even if one can remember.

Memory is a temporary store anyway.


I poem and a verse on MM elsewhere in the same blog post.

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