Sunday, August 14, 2016

Unique Qualities of the Planet Earth

Unique Qualities of the Planet Earth

Earth is a extraordinarily unique planet.

1. The fact that it supports life is unique.

2. Its biodiversity is unbelievably diverse, in spite of it is much younger planetary age.

3. Its amount and quality of water (sea and terrestrial lakes) is almost boundless.

4. It has atmosphere containing gases that support life.

5. It has a magnetic fields.

6. It has abundance of metals (except 115 and 116).

7. It has seasons.

8. Its spin around the sun is congenial to life systems.

9. Volcanoes keep on adding substances to its surface.

10. Its center is molten.

11.It is a living planet.

It is unusual for all other exo-planets in the universe to reproduce its unique qualities.

These are probably the reasons why there is visitation by ET on regular basis.

Why USA (UK its allay is aiding and abetting) is keeping these visitations TOP Secret from its subjects (Action of the Secret Service) is a million dollar question.

Why Russia is not exposing this cover up is another mind boggling matter.

Canada has taken a bold step.

The Vatican should wake up and take the lid out before it is too late.

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