Monday, August 22, 2016

Probability USA UFO/ Aliens Scenario

Probability USA UFO/ Aliens Scenario

Because there so many overt and covert player/actors in the UFO and ET scenario, it is very difficult to unravel the relative truth or scientific basis.

Let me summarize few cardinal points.
They should not be taken on face value alone.
There is a lot red herrings and misconceptions.

1. Number one which is obvious.
There are parallel governments in USA.

It could be minimum of three.

Those elected by popular vote by regular (rigid framework and term of office) elections. 
This I call the changing or the flexible arm of the government. 
They actually do not have a clout in decision making.

The second is group made up of intellectuals coming from science, politics, defense affairs, foreign policy, trade and economy. They are either elected by their higher positioning in the respective fields or the power and influence they possess in business or politics. The number may amounts to six to twelve. They form the concrete policy group less amenable to change and provide continuity of governance irrespective of who  heads the political mantle.

Both these groups on surface are democratic / republican institutes amenable to scrutiny albeit little. 
There is some structural rigidity alien to them however. 
Radical changes will never come about given this structural rigidity.

The third group and the most powerful is invincible and secretive and it has absolute power and wherewithal. The individuals in this group are not subjected to scrutiny since the above two institutions have abdicated their power to rein on this secretive society. The numbers in this group can be as little as five to innumerable. 
I believe this group has moles placed in the other two for eavesdropping and insinuating their will.
2. This leads to rigidity of the governance. Even the President has no power to intervene and if he/she trespasses, this group will stop, if necessary by assassination.

3. The other possibility is the secretive group to train individual as career serviceman / women is real. Nobody from the outside (independents) could get into the political system without heavy scrutiny.

4. Level of secrecy or classified information is the norm by default.

5. Evolution of disclosure is slow.

6. Freedom of information is almost non existent.

All these symptoms and signs of the lack of transparency in governance came into existence because of the people’s interest in UFOs and ET/Aliens.

It does not matter whether there are aliens or not.

The American public had woken up from a 70 years slumber.

My entry in here to US politics was accidental not coincidental. 
I always wished to have been to USA for work. 
With above discovery, I do not think I have missed much.

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