Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why Russians Never Landed a Human on Moon?

Why Russians Never Landed a Human on Moon?

Following hypotheses of mine are outrageous but nevertheless needs probing.

I am not going to include them in my new book.
Human conspiracy is in their genes, and outlining them is an uphill task.
I am scrapping only the surface.
I do not intend to reveal all of them and waste rest of my life on a failed endeavor.
I have better things to do in my life.

Coming to my pondering of Russian actions.
1. Russia did not have the technology.
This may not be true, they were well ahead of America.

2. Russia did not have the money.
Probable but cannot be substantiated.

3. Russia was prudent not to waste their scared resources.
This is true in a communist but relatively poor country.

4.Russia did not want to sacrifice the life of their trained astronauts for an ego exercise.
This is my bone of contention.
They are more useful in defense strategies.

5. None of the above.
More likely scenario.

Now let me take the American attitude.
1. American public are generally stupid (mind you not all) and are mostly afflicted by an incurable ego problem.
This is true.

2. They want to be the first in scientific advances and pay or hijack (Germans after World War II) for personnel.
Similar to above ego mentality.

3. They had enough resources but wasted them on putative communist war.

4. They had a powerful secret service and did not want politicians to take credit.

5. JFK was assassinated to channel money (not for space program) to CIA projects.

6. America never send any astronauts to moon (to save money for covert operations) but choreographed either by holography or actual photography on earth.
This is my belief even though there is no proof available.
I am human and have the freedom for skepticism.

7. America did not have a correct sense and directive with so many lobbies to contend with.

8.They had to satisfy Vatican.
Most likely overtly or covertly.

9. None of the above.
Most likely scenario.

Now my revelation hypothesis.

1. Russia and USA are toying the same line in their defense policy.

2. They do not want conflicts to throttle their own programs.

3. They are in contact with aliens and using their technology (without the knowledge of the public0.

4. Russia, America and Aliens already have an advanced interplanetary mission.

5. America (CIA) is using drug money for these clandestine black projects since the legislative Assemblies are very slow to authorize them of veto them.

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