Sunday, August 28, 2016

Beautiful Comment on UFO sighting

Beautiful Comment on UFO sighting
by ledjarde1 month ago
Thank You
Why only in America?
Just like Nick Pope, this is yet another typical ex-tech carving himself a nice, cosy living as a ufologist, because believers are impressed by his credentials, which in turn lends weight to his claims. He actually presents zero credible evidence that there's ANY extra-terrestrial activity on earth, or ever has been. These people deal entirely in conjecture, rhetorical questions, speculation and possibility.
If there was ANY truth to what he was saying, don't you think one of the agents from the "30 or 40 levels of secrecy above the president" would have visited him in the night to stand on his neck?
We live in an age of mass video and photographic coverage, 100 times more than ever before. It's estimated that around 75% of all the photos EVER TAKEN were taken in the last 12 months. CCTV, HD cameras on mobile phones, dashboard cameras, traffic cameras, security cameras, etc....and yet STILL, after decades of having such an enormous mass of cameras everywhere, there still isn't a SINGLE credible, undeniable , irrefutable UFO photo or video that hasn't been proved to be fake.
Not ONE. Not one piece of video. Not one single photo. What does that tell you?

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