Saturday, March 26, 2016

Conspiracies in Science.

I thought I can write a book on Conspiracies in Science.

I thought I could make 10 easily!

It does not look like preset day scientists are bent on conspiracies.

I lost count at EIGHT of course I left out the minor events.

Have you thought about any?

Well I have found 11, NOW.

It is all due to my memory failing.

Conspiracies in Science in my List.

1. Microsoft’s Strategy

Bulldoze other operating systems with Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).

2. Drug Companies
Demise of Professor Bible

3. AIDS Epidemic
Germans in Mid Africa

4. UFOs
America's Blue Book

5. Big Bang Theory
This is the biggest for me to satisfy the Church.

6. Global Warming
America aided by Oil Companies headed the misinformation campaign

7. Mad Cow Disease
Late British PM headed it.

8. Coconut Theory
America's peanut industry.

9. Chip Conspiracy
Silicon Valley kept the chip technology their copyright.

10. Solar Cells

We could have (96% of the solar energy is wasted) been a better country without coal power.
If Sri-Lankan invested on SOLAR 40 years ago, we won't have power cuts now.

11. Lithium Dry Cell battery
Is the biggest conspiracy.
The dry cell and lithium battery for the electric car was designed in the sixties but Americans shelved it.
I wrote about it many moons ago but I have lost the original references.

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