Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How We Killed Our Science Education

How We Killed Our Science Education
It was a strange coincidence that I took to science for higher education.
There were no mentors.
There were no specialists to introduce it in smaller doses.
If not for the British Council Library, I would have gone astray.
There were plenty of booklets from photosynthesis to life on earth to scientific trends.

The school library did not have anything of substance.

Luckily school times were short and on my return I go to the library and glanced through the science magazines.

They were not for burrowing.

Few years before the government at the behest of stupid politicians decided to change the medium of instruction.

Luckily I had the option to select English as the medium of instruction.

My English was no good but I knew given the time I will pick up the terminology in science.
There were no dictionaries in science.
The science teachers without training in teaching would dish out the notes they collected in their education ladder.
We were the guinea pigs.

But books in the science and magazines in the library kept us ahead of them.

It took more than thirty years for the books published in seventies to be translated and they were outdated before they come out in print form.

This is how we killed the science education in schools.

There were attempt to teach Medicine in mother tongue.
I was a raw hand taken in, to teach and translate.
I craftily made my professors to understand, it was not worth.
Even after three months of deliberations, if one of the members found a suitable word, I would tear it off to pieces with counter arguments.
Finally we decided to call it off.
Higher education was in English but there was option for one to select mother tongue if one wished.
It worked in seventies.
I do not know what the trend is how.

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