Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snowden and The film Snowden

Snowden and The film Snowden
The film has done justice to the cause of investigative journalism and Snowden himself.
What Russia is doing is an about turn in diplomacy BUT for a good cause.
I applaud President Putin for his resolve.
I hope Russia will open up its doors to more cooperative democracy without an iron rule on their subjects.
Russians are proud people and they can make things happen without an abrupt change of social dynamics (not like the fall of USSR).
Countries like Poland which undermined Russia have not benefited by Western involvement.
What President Putin could do is to make that change happen without involvement of the Western Allies.

Russia is ready for its forward march and the greatest tribute Russians pay, is help President Putin achieve that goal albeit SLOWLY.

Without any rush.
He should retire as one of the great,if not the greatest in the modern world.
Imagine the world without Russia as a Super Power.

Then Chinese companies will dominate through the backdoor opened by Americans.

China will never (they will remain RIGID Communists) do what President Putin would do when the time is right for the Russians.

I am watching what German President Angela Merkel would do.
She is smart, if not smarter than President Putin.
Do not expect anything from the Brexit.

Time will tell how many allies Britain will have.
Even Welsh would rebel one day (if it has not already happened).
 For the sake of UK and its people (including all the subjects that entered from the Common Wealth) I hope UK politicians would show the way for the New World (emerging).
Then the President Trump will be alone in his Ivory Tower without any allies.
Having said that Obama is a lame President now (lamenting) and nobody expects anything from him.
His second term was a failure and probably contributed to the downfall of Mrs. Clinton.
She has no recovery strategy left now, unfortunately and "crying over spilled milk", makes it worse for the average Americans.

I hope politics will not become "a spoilt sport", like in the "The Third World", Philippines included.

It is intersting to NOTE, in my downlod, rather upload folder Film SNOWDEN is thebussiest with uploads (ratio of -download-1:1.3-uploads currently).
Snowden should be happy about it.
By the way, his nick name is "Snow White".