Saturday, December 17, 2016

Chinese Bull Dogs

Chinese Bull Dogs

China is creating and building Communist (undemocratic) Dictatorship in the South China Sea.

1. Current dispute is making an artificial island in an international trade route (to the extend of 3000 acres).

In the backdrop of this we must consider giving outright possession of 1500 acres (half of the artificial island) at Hambantota Free by our disputed rulers.

Stupid enough for our War Debt of 35 years which we we are still paying for.

China acquires its assets and then negotiates.

This is the Chinese Communist (CC for short) way.

There is nothing to negotiate after the fact.

That is the logic of any dictator Communist or otherwise.

It should be the other way round.

2. Second point is China steals an underwater UAV (this does not mean USA has the right to POLICE international waters on their own terms) for reverse engineering the outfit.

They did the same reverse engineering technique with unexploded American heavy duty Bombs in Afghanistan.

They bought them up from Pakistani's help.

3. China cheated the British by leasing Hong Kong for 99 years and let the British develops the technology and quietly reverse engineering them and selling the cheap goods so developed, to Stupid Americans consumers.

Then they crushed away any semblance of democratic principles in Hong Kong.

The have cheated both super powers of the World War II (they are no longer super powers with Chinese domination) with this quiet diplomacy.

Who says Chinese are stupid?
They do not spend a penny on research but reverse enginner the byproducts of Western Technology (Like the Japanese after the World War II) 

4. Fourth step is stifling Taiwan, the puppet government installed by the Western democracies and acquiring its possession by only verbal threats in course of time.

Can we trust Chinese.

I say NO.

There slow but (economic grip) sure global vision is to become the Global Super Power with no negotiations outside their views.

5. What is India going to do?
Sweet nothing.

Yes, they crushed Pakistan at War (there times) but could they match up with China with Nuclear Power?

All three countries (Pakistan, India and China) have nuclear power.

Pakistan’s professor (with or without the knowledge of Pakistan’s Military) helped the development of Nuclear technology in North Korea secretly.

There is another rogue in the basket of nuclear power.

6. What are the achievements of Bani Moon or the UNO?

They come and stymies a small (peaceful to begin with but “selfish gene expression” in TOP SPEED NOW-natural tendency of Humans) nation with pomposity but sitting duck (Chinese Duck) to Chinese bogus negotiations.

7. Of course, India our Big Brother was instrumental in inciting and helping ethnic violence.

India did not want Ceylon to develop in the lines of Singapore.

Mind you Koreans are also genetically Chinese Stock. 

One should place Russia in the same fold as China but PUTIN (has more wisdom in him by unifying Russia- not USSR) is from the Eurasian dissent but Chinese dissent is unpredictable by all means.

The peaceful Chinese stock of Tibet and Dalai Lama was stymied by then not so powerful China.

What does a powerful China would do?

They are PARANOID and building the most sophisticated space surveillance Sattelite to spy on possible alien invasion of this planet.
Most likely would lead us to World War III.

(I think Good Aliens should visit us and enlighten the World Leaders)

The current Pope cannot do it from Vatican.

His handsare tied by Communists.


They (Chinese) are not democratic in their global exercises.

They have the same global illnesses.

GREEDY and Selfish Traits.

Not only that Mao Se Tung burned down all he Buddhist and Christian Churches.

To them religion is an opium.

I think communism is also an opium.

When all political TOP BRASS of all Super Powers are going bonkers, I wish I should kick the bucket before the initiation of the World War III with TRUMP at the helm of American politics would have to spend money with no returns.

I was born FREE (after the World WAR II) and would like to die a FREE MAN.

It is in the balance now.

This is Christmas Time.

I Wish peace and happiness to al earthly beings, what ever (not communists) thier religious orientation may be.