Friday, December 9, 2016

Linux Update-2017

Linux Update-2017

This is the time Linux Guys/Girls go on Christmas holidays after posting their latest version of Linux distribution.

This is the time hackers are waiting for Zombies.

This is also the time, I update my Linux distribution to the latest.
Then, I have to download all the packages I want.
It is a bit of a hassle, only because it takes time.
I have many distributions including Debian but my work horse is Peppermint (Debian and Ubuntu based but Light Weight and independent).

May be Peppermint 5 (it does not state).
But Debian are 8 and 8.1.
It is into the 9th version.
Debian did not have a rolling distro but recently according to Linux Magazine they are addressing this issue (LTS Version which Ubuntu does a pretty good job).
I have Ubuntu but I rarely use it after the Unity Version.
I am becoming lazy and I did not want to go through the rigid rigmarole of installing a new version.
What I did was to go to Software Installation and click update all packages.

It took little over half an hour and updated all the packages including the Grub File.

I was worried, if something goes wrong I had to re-do all the work.

It removed all the redundant stuff and installed the new packages.

For the first time I got thesaurus installed (I tried before and failed) in Libre Office.
Even Gimp was updated.

Only downside was that the Firefox / Chrome became bulky and slow.
I am soon going for Ducky Duck alternative Light Browser soon.

If you have an old Peppermint installed TRY Update option.
It is sleek and I hope other Linux distributions copy this strategy for desktop users.

It is altogether different strategy for commercial distributions.

They need LTS version with support.

According to Linux Magazine, Debian has finally decided to offer this option for commercial users.

Thanks guys and girls of Linux (sorry for the Microsoft users), You are way ahead of Microsoft in both Desktop and Commercial Versions.

The Linux Magazine distribution with its links with the Linux Voice (good strategy, joining hands) has dropped Maddock's feature article.

I miss it very much.

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