Friday, December 9, 2016

Bob Rankin's Work is Good

This a comment under Bob Rankin's Article.

Go and visit it.

Bob has done a good article here.

I raised these issues (more satire than real intent, then) about 15 years ago not realizing INTERNET becomes a Stinking Sewer.

"What happens to my email when I am gone-DEAD" was the point I pondered.

It took SIX months to delete my Facebook account.
That was also after a stinking email to the Administrator.
They hid the delete drop down menu but still keep my account in their server.

When I realized KGB, CIA and FBI are proxies for these Social Media, it was too late for me to raise a point of "Privacy Objection".

Simply because, I love my privacy.

Moment one opens an email account, even if it is "PAID and Private", the Administrator can access everything.
Fortunately, I was into Linux many moons ago, it has all the Utilities for anonymous activity, especially POLITICAL ACTIVITY under a DICTATOR.

In any case, I am winding up my FUTURE digital activity BUT leave all the previous activities (not necessarily PUBLIC) floating in the WEB.

I need to have my digital presence felt (Good or Bad immaterial), when I KICK the Bucket for GOOD.

In any case, "Good, Bad and the Ugly" (Western Film by Clint Eastwood) are all present in the WEB.

But the Wild West was much better than the WEB.

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