Monday, December 26, 2016



The Reason I have denounced,

All the earthly institutions is,

Not that I have gone nuts recently,

But put my thinking cap and gear on

In an analytical sphere of activity

Let me dissect the emancipation,

In political sense

All political dimensions from

Capitalism to

Communism to


Talks about Emancipation

Of the Ailing Masses

But delvers sweet nothing

But to them 

The Rulers all the perks,

So denouncing politics is my birth Right
Coming to Religion
Of many dimensions
One has to kick the bucket
To enter
Hell or Heaven
But only the religious hierarchy
Has the bounden right to enjoy
All the spoils of earthly existence,
I want to be happy, Here Now
And do not want to kick the bucket,
Just like that,
So I denounce all religions
That offer rights
After the fact,
Or after life
Writing about Science,
Is redundant
Since we have not comprehended
The Dark Matter
Where all the secrets
Of Dark energy lie
With it the ability to wonder
Beyond the Matter World,
To Alien space dimensions
Of All,
So I denounce the known science
But not the New Science of many dimensions
Then again,
I am very happy
With the very nature to I am born
And is part of
Which is marvelous wonder of all,
Which One God have never fathomed
Or created
All by himself 
By "So called intelligent design".

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