Monday, September 19, 2016

Rubbish-How to Lose Weight?

This was a comment, I made  at a site giving food advice!

This is all rubbish!
Another Food Conspiracy to PROMOTE Meats.
Protein causes lot of stress to your Kidneys and Liver.
Excess protein is converted to new cells (it does not make your liver or kidney cells -Unless they are damaged-they have finite number of cells according to body size-not weight).
The only new cells they (excess protein) can make are FAT CELLS!
Above all your URINE will smell badly and your body odour too.
Simple Schedule IS;
1. Cut down on starch especially RICE.
One good meal can last 18 hours in an adult NEVER more.
GOOD Breakfast is essential and one more meal anytime it suits YOU (late lunch or very late lunch or dinner)

2. Substitute all Animal FATS (butter, margarine, hydrogenated coconut oil) with Coconut Milk or Oil.
Mind YOU coconut has short chain or Medium Chain Fatty acids.
They do not add your BULK.
3. Vigorous exercise make you hungry (EAT more after) and YOU lose your body water and salt.
I do not know any beverage that can replace lost water and salt.
May be coconut water but it has high K+ potassium.
Just walking and doing household work is good enough.
4. Mind you mental activity also consume energy.

5. Never try a crash program and plan it over two years and first three months are the most difficult.

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