Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Live Linux CD (below 700MiB)

Live Linux CDs.
There isn't a single bootable functional Linux CD except MX-14.4 available currently.
Linux was known to run on 4 to 8 MiB graphic cards.
Linux was suppose to use limited resources.
It is getting bulky (most of the utilities are never used).
I use Peppermint and it is low on utilities.
Only other Linux distribution may be Absolute Linux.
Arch Linux may have a minimal CD but it only for a Geek-very finicky for a newbies.
Debian has a Mini Version (net Install and Standard) but not easy for a beginner.
Thanks Mepis / Peppermint KEEP UP the Good Work.
It was called AntiX and currently MX.
It is a Mepis Linux derivative.
Thanks guys/Girls at Mepis, please do not terminate this service.
Knoppix has a live CD but hard to find now.
There is Gparted that can be used for partitioning but not for install.
There was DSL-Damn Small Linux only 50 MiB.
There are Finnix, System Rescue,Clonezilla but all these are for guys with knowledge with Linux. 

MultiSystem CD is one of my favorite CDS.
It has Gparted, too.
It comes from France and by pressing F2 one can work in English.
The Graphic utility also gives an option to select language, if you forget to press F2 quick enough.

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