Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Children are born with imagination to make up for their lack of conceptualization of a given situation. Once one becomes an adult and able to conceptualize a given problem (at his or her level of competence), unfortunately, one loses this ability to think imaginatively.
The man’s creativity lies in this faculty of imagination.
The religion uses this transition period (lack of creative thinking ability) to insinuate bizarre concepts.
The god created this world is one such imaginary concepts. I do not blame anyone for looking up, at the sky, for an imaginary god and then find stars as gods.
The concept of god is an example of human capacity for imagination. There is is nothing wrong in it but this imaginary world is put as a dogma, the problems start to crop up. More and more dogmas are put in this realm, often without insight.
The scientific reasoning is muted from the  very beginning.
It becomes a dogma when enough followers take up the same conviction. 

It leads to a belief system and there is no end to its influence and expansion, very often not tested for credibility.
Unfortunately, “Big Bang Theory” of creation of the universe has fallen into this trap. We have not put an alternative theory to counteract it. This has made the science to ignore the Dark Matter and its hidden physics.
In material world one can use imagination to create an end product and one can test it for its suitability (fit for purpose).
But in the immaterial world or paranormal psychology there is no way of testing the empirical (verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic) experience.
It is an individual experience, not verifiable by a third party.
One avenue to verify, if something is imagined or real is insight into the given predicament. It has to be done by the individual who has imagined it in the first place (with average intelligence).
What the individuals with higher intelligence should do is to help them into insightful thinking. What has happened in history is the exact the opposite.
We have more people with average intelligence and only a minority with superior intelligence. The intelligent lot knows the predicament of the less intellectual soul and coerced them into either realm of fear or dogma.
The end point of imagination is the creation of a dogma.
That is something worthwhile avoiding.
Keeping an open mind is the exit strategy.

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