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History and Prehistory of Lanka

History and Prehistory of Lanka
I am more interested in prehistory since we now possess tools to go beyond 10,000 years of history.

Both genetic and radioactive tools are available.

What we are lacking is materials or specimens of significance.

Let me dish out the written history to begin with.

It dates back to only about 2500 years or so.

Even the Bible writing extends the mankind's 
existence to 7200 years or so.

Both Bible and Koran are not old enough to study human existence in scientific sense.

Both were anti-scientific and religious dogmas thought to be sacrosanct.

They are no longer not sacrosanct in scientific sense.

Let me come Lanka and forget the rest of the world.

Our Buddhist monks (Mahanama to begin with) cleverly erased the prehistory of Lanka and introduced a mythical history of 5000 years to Lanka.

How the name Lanka came I do not know but I feel it means an island.

I have devised a hypothesis that Lanka was a much bigger island which went under water due to at least three or four meteoritic hits that devastated mother earth including the Jurassic extinction story.

This country has at least series of three (fourth is under water due to the effect of sea erosion) uplifts according to Adam's and Wardia.

If we had prehistoric man evolving in this massive land the meteorites send them to oblivion except a traces in the north part of the island left after the series of meteorites hits.

Moon landing has recovered at least evidence dating back to 4.6 and 1.6 million light years (evidence). 

Moon does not have an atmosphere to destroy evidence but earth atmosphere destroys all the cosmic evidence of meteorites.

We have to collect traces from the space which the current space scientists are exploring.

Going back to Lanka for the last 5000 years this country was known for its immense population of elephants.

Indian elephants were driven to almost extinction to by Roman War efforts.

They probably migrated here from India and survived since local indigenous population were not hostile to them.

They were mainly in the hill country and the British drove them to the dry land due to hunting and expansion of the  tea and coffee plantations.
There were at least three prehistoric humans dating back to 125000 years in and around this island.

According to my hypothesis they also migrated from Indian subcontinent or Africa.

Any existing ones were destroyed by the last meteorite hit, 65 million year ago ( Jurassic extinction).

So the last 5000 years visitors came here to capture elephants.

Mind you all my theories end up with elephants and their plight to current day.

In fact, I dig into prehistory because of my interest in elephants not because I want to become a prehistoric historian.

It was a marathon effort since finding data was extremely difficult.

So Vijaya migration was also one of those elephant expedition went expeditiously wrong for both elephants and indigenous traces of man who inhabited Lanka.

Our Buddhist monks erased our prehistory to ashes and build “Alu Lenas all over Lanka.

For 5000 years this country was plundered of natural history and a modern history dating back to 2500 years was transplanted.

My grouse with Paranavithana and Deraniygala is that they never were true archaeologists (they narrowed their sphere of activity to 2500 years, the legacy left behind by Buddhist monks).

So instead of rewriting our Mahayana or Ramayana history there is LOT left to be explored in this country in scientific sense.

There are lot of gaping holes.

They exist of British from this country was a true scientific loss since their traditions were not followed after our political independence.

Our politicians including dead and moribund leftists were rank stupid and ignited an ethnic war still simmering under the ashes which our history is famous far.

They think by turning things to ashes the truth can be kept hidden for ever.

There is always microscopic, forensic and genetic evidence left behind to explore.

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