Sunday, January 31, 2016



This piece is about self analysis our constitutional experts must undertake before finalizing the text.

This text has no value if we cannot bring order into the systems.

I will dispense with the first quickly.

The number of security officers in a society is a reflection (including temples and religious places of warship) that the rouges are in plenty and they rule.

I found that (Mahaveli Project) security officers were the major culprits of large scale theft.

In a leading hospital in Colombo within six months, I was instrumental in sacking three firms.

This is why security experts are changing over to video cameras but that can be easily tampered with.

The level of sophistication of the thieves increase n proportion to the counter mechanism.

The second is the number of professionally trained security arms go parallel with the level of violence in a country.
Less I talk about them with the ongoing investigation of disappearances, is better for my soul.

The third point is the one I give serious attention.
Theft of books from libraries.
This includes lawyers, engineers, doctors and down to school children.
Why this happens in a country where the government dish out (often outdated) books? 

The fourth is more subtle.
Intellectual thefts is the worst of it kind, some professors (I can name them a few who are dead and a few who are living at geriatric age, but that won't diminish the intents) steal the hard work of students.

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