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Is it possible to explain the arrangement of the galaxies using zip model of dark matter?

Is it possible to explain the arrangement of the galaxies using zip model of dark matter?

Dark matter cannot be seen and has to be visualized like virtual particles. 
What we can measure is either expansion of space (red shift) or contraction of space (blue shift). By visualizing red shift and blue shift and also superimposition of matter (stars and galaxies) outside the dark matter one has postulate the possible interaction. 
For this to manifest we have to postulate matter can be transformed into dark matter and dark matter to matter vice versa.
That is why I maintain they are two sides of the coin.

Let us visualize the dark matter arrangement.
Like matter attract like matter and they merge (mix) like water.
The force behind is the Dark Force that make virtual dark particles move about freely in space and also expand. Unlike matter that has to compete for its pace forming atoms of increasing heavy (from hydrogen to helium to uranium) density dark matter once formed expands to seamlessly.

That is why there is abundance of dark matter and its existence is not governed by typical or current physics.

The zipped dark matter may be thin or may be flat.
It can be coiled.
It can be a coiled coil.
I defer using a coiled coil, such as in DNA since mechanics there is physical bonding between unlike particles of different charges reacting with each other while completing for limited space at subatomic levels.

Dark matter has no space hindrance.

It can be an opened zip at one end with variable length for each limb and the next line of continuity is a gap of tight zip and then the dark matter open into a unscalable unzipped dimension of considerable enormity and the next portion zipped again and forming imaginary loops that look likes coils that lets the matter (stars and galaxies can align and rotate in one direction would give birth to a globular galaxy of high density.
The amount of dark matter is less and formation of matter is very limited.
Some cf these globular forms collapse so much due to their own gravity they end up as dark holes.

The unzipped portion would give the high density Starburst or irregular galaxy assuming that the unzipped portion of dark matter would change to matter (hydrogen to begin with) and collapse in space causing the galaxy to become smaller.

The scarcity of the dark matter probably would allow some of the larger galaxies to split off to smaller galaxies with intensely burning stars.

I am at a bit of a fix to explain the spiral galaxies.

Their shape is probably due to the speed of its rotation.
They are  moving at tremendously high velocity and  most likely due to lack of dark matter stars at the periphery try to defy the gravity of the formation and escape to become independent galaxies.

Barred galaxies are probably formed to retard this process.

In that sense dark matter gives the stability.

In the same stretch of argument barred galaxies are old whereas the spiral galaxies without bars are younger.
How I am going to fit my ZIP theory. 
Let me begin with the easy point of interpretation.
In the barred spiral the matter is converted to dark matter to give its stability. Apart from that how it is formed at the origin of the spiral is difficult to explain. It may be due to the speed of rotation that matter is under huge stress and torn apart to subatomic particles and realigned to form dark matter with dark force. 
It is feasible but what is the role of dark matter in the spiral without bars? 
There is a halo between the disk and the spiral which is where the mysterious dark matter is resident. We know it gives the stability and disk shape.
Is the dark matter takes a neutral role not changing into matter and hydrogen stars?

In fact, in my hypothesis, however outrageous it might sound, I am inclined to think, this is where most of the transformation of dark matter to matter is happening.
That is the very reason they are trying to (new stars with tremendous new energy) escape from the globular center and later formation of bars to counteract.

So it is probably the maternity home of new stars with the mother dark matter wants to procreate.

She does want to hide herself in darkness, so to say.

In other words spiral arms are the burning factory of the universe.

How good is my zip theory fall into place?

It could be a ball of zipped dark matter sits in the middle of the disk and extend outward strings of open unzipped arms and because of the rotation and high speed takes that appropriate alignment of a spiral.
That is the nearest or closest explanation.

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