Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Intermission or Interdiction

Intermission or Interdiction

Nobody goes to Cinemas now.
In the good old days if the film is bad we take our intermission well before the others and replenish our blood alcohol level in the side bar.

We actually leave before half time if the film is horrible.

Those days, the “Pan Polin days' there was no other entertainment than bashing the politicians in power.

Then while working we took the civil service as a pride and we would take anybody to task if one was found under the influence of alcohol.

It was a golden rule that we took our beverages outside duty time.

With the Public Service in full swing, we had the honor's of warning the subjects.
First warning, second warning and no third warning but fired.
After the second or third subject fired, we had the control of our position.

Now it is different these guys who have connection with the underworld rule and there is no rule of law in Public Service.

They are unto themselves.

After one year of patient waiting I got a letter today acknowledging the receipt of my second reminder.
Yahapalanaya at work after nearly 200 days in office.

I immediately decided go to a cinema and have a beer alone (that is not the tradition).

I bought a ticket and sat for a while reading a comic.
I actually slept through the first half of the film and well before the intermission I went to the side bar.

The boy said no alcohol Sir.

It is banned in Cinemas NOW.
I hit the ceiling and came out of the film studio cursing myself since liquor bars are not open till 4 P.M. in the city.

I could not celebrate the Receiving a Receipt, rather acknowledgement of the receipt of a personal letter.

Came home told my wife that we have to celebrate this and arrange a hotel reception and gave the list who should be invited and the hotel that should be booked.

I drop to sleep immediately and went into my dream mode (MDM).

Guess what I was the dreaming?
I was duly elected as a member of the parliament.
I entered the parliament lobby.
The place was smelling of all sort of liquor aroma, not only local but expensive foreign stuff.
I inquired from the secretary whether they use a special type of aroma.
He was bemused.
No sir this is real alcohol smell.
Then I said there is nobody in and the parliament was not in session.
Then he asked me whether I was a teetotaler.
I said no.

When it is in session one gets drunk by inhaling the exhale Sir, if one is a teetotaler.

Then he asked would you mind a drink.

I said; not at all.

Then when we entered the bar it was buzzing with activity.
All the members who never had spoken a word in parliament were there invigorating their bloated images.
Then I told him the first warning, second warning and the firing protocol and the public service.

He went into a spontaneous uproar.
In that case we will not have a single member of parliament left to function.
But there is one left.
Who is that?
What nonsense!.
I took this job for only one reason and one reason alone.
That is I get free liquor on board.
But you are not covered by parliamentary privileges and you can be fired.

No. NO, I keep the files here and if there is an inquiry against me I will keep that file always on the bottom.

Then he said there are enormous number of complaints against the members and not a single file is opened for enquiry.
That is called the real parliament privilege and that is why all the criminals are fighting to enter the parliament.

I woke up in a state of SHOCK and nothing else to do I decided to release my mental agony.