Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Ubuntu

New Ubuntu
New Ubuntu is out.
I have not tested it.
I have stopped using it when Unity desktop was initiated.

Now I have gone to Ubuntu's Base Debian as my Role Model.

This is a piece of old writing.
Old Ubuntu
You may be wondering why am not writing anything on Ubuntu. 
It is universally available and is the most popular download.
Since its life cycle is fast it is difficult to keep pace with it.
Only difficulty I have with it is that it does not give the administrator (standard of old Linux behaviour) function for the desktop version and the difficulty and the time it takes to download (because many are accessing it's download site).
In fact I downloaded the 10th version but when I tried the 9th version it broke down several times.
I had to resort to requesting a CD of version 9 from Canonical.
I did receive the CDs today.
Unlike SuSe and Mandriva the Canonical do a good job in marketing too.
Hats off to Canonical which is better than Redhat and Fedora.
It has many versions including a studio version, Kbuntu, Lubuntu and many more.
Kubuntu is impressive.
I will write on Super OS which is a derivative of it like Linux Mint.
Generally speaking what I am trying to do is to make one aware of the other distributions not backstabbing.
Ubuntu now has all the virtues.
Do not fear using it.
Configuring is bit slow but internet access is very easy and hardware detection is excellent.
Thanks to all at Ubuntu team even I use PCLinux most of the time. 
My hard disk has many distributions and Ubuntu is one of them.

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