Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Google Jump started Linux Android

Like the Canonical's Unity Desktop, Google has jump stated on Linux base and it is time for Microsoft to re-engineer the wheel of IT technology.
Buying Skype may not solve its problems of insecurity and virus base.

Glossy front but ineffective back end would slow it down but it is wrong to say or think that Microsoft is finally dead due to poor mutation (genetically speaking) evolutionary wise of IT industry.

Cloning something is easy but when something is inherently faulty, the evolutionary process adapt the survival of the fittest strategy to chose the best for the current generation and Linux did not mastermind the change but it looks a successful business venture with its search engine has won the day.

Embracing Linux it has hit two bird with one stone.

I am not at all against business success of any company but when a company uses FUD psychology, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt as a strategy in evolution it is bound to fail in real world with real people.

This was what happened to Microsoft whereas Apple only focused on high end and remained there for its own worth.

That strategy also might change if we hit another financial crisis which we cannot avoid as the way things are developing.

Hunger may be the next wave that will take us by surprise if we get engrossed only in technology.

So cutting down cost and wastage are important.
Recycling and stability of a product to last at least a decade is important,
Disposable era might abruptly end when shortages (rare metal and even integrated circuits) hit the market.

Emerging signs are of that nature.

Google also uses cloud computing as its next line of defense.

If not for business strategy Linux also should look at business acumen of Google for its success without hampering its original goals and vision.

There should be some business plan for some of the successful Linux distributions and canonical taking UNITY forward should not be looked at with squinted eye.

Why aren't we looking with the same squinted eye when we look at Google?

That is my question for the intellectuals in the IT industry.

Success breeds success.

Failures (Linux included) leads to bigger failure.

This is a strategy applied in field of sports and in war games and terrorism,too.

Nobody talks about a failed team (cricket) or a failed army.

It is nice to see America is taking a cue from us and taking terrorism head on.

But they should not apply double standard like Microsoft and USA politics (and their ambassadors all over the world).

Duplicity never works.

It is not the old world order now.
It is a new world order now and everybody should be transparent not naked in their actions.

They should have realized it before the WiKiLeaks.
It is too late to repair the damage done.

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