Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fish with Scoliosis

Fish physiology is very complicated.
Even though the life started in water.
Unlike terrestrial organism they are at tremendous odds.
They never sleep.
They have to be under constant vigilance.
Lately, I had been witching deformed fish.
The first lot was blind.
Out of 11 four are still living.
Most of them died due to poor water quality.
Once I improved the water quality they adapted well.
Strangely, they instantly sense my presence near the tank.
How they do that I do not know.
Even in that set up the partially blind fish attacks the completely blind.
The blind one cannot survive outside, in the wild.
Coming back to the fish with scoliosis it makes a tremendous effort to swim if not float.

It is an ugly sight to see it swim but when tired rests on top of the air pump.
I put some floating plants so that it can rest and have the benefit of oxygen at day time.
Funny part is other fish also take advantage of the plant nest.
It is a cool resting place for them.

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