Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Boot Problems

Boot Problems
It is common for your Windows machine to stop booting.
It reads the boot sector and if it does not it hangs up.
I know very little about windows since I do not use it, even though I have a Win 7 in one of the partitions.
I use Linux Grub to boot windows, since windows never supported booting a Linux distribution.
In addition one need to boot windows first and thereafter Linux.
I have an old IBM, the last one out of the ten (rest dismantled and retired to junk) distributions.
Its SATA hard disk's boot sector is gone for good and I cannot boot it but I use a devious method to boot all my my Linux distributions (may be five).
Linux lets you boot off from a different partition and is not choosy of the first boot sector.
Each distribution has a copy of the Grub file for booting.
Today I downloaded Devil Linux and booted it to find it says no no Grub and goes to rescue mode (which I have forgotten now).
So I thought my hard disk finally succumbed to my perennial insults which include sudden power drops and outage.
So bit worried when through my devious routine but still the same result.
Why do I post this?
To report I have no computer to access the web.
I did not do my routine right.
I had a USB hard disk attached to the system.
I am using it to copy all my valid data, in case my hard disk goes out.
It does not have a bootable Linux in it.
Now I have gone to the minimal MicroSD boot, using a MultiUSB port.
Mind you this solid state hard disks are killing the turntable disks and sending them to the junk yard prematurely.
So one cardinal rule nowadays is to have minimum of 4 GIB RAM and USB bootable boot menu.
I still use 1 GIB RAM.
I like the slow pace anyway since my physiology is gradually slowing down.
Good RAM and USB booting are the minimum one needs.
So if your USB does not have a bootable sector it won't boot up.
Nothing wrong with the hardware.
It is prudent to have a bootable USB with some of its extra data storage is reserved for saving data.
Linux can do all this especially the Knoppix.
Latest Knoppix is out but there is a fault in the torrent right now.

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