Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Constitution, Referendum and Dicey Political Gimmicks

Constitution, Referendum and Dicey Political Gimmicks

It is always fooling the masses, the design of the our elected and not elected (those who come from chit system) politicians.

It is true with constitution, referendums and elections (except the act of former election commissioner).

This is a country which the legislature and legal system defend the offender not the victim.

Victim is always the innocent (intelligent but not so educated) voter.

In this country 96% of the criminals “go scot free” due to loopholes in the legal system and criminals and drug offenders become members of the legislature.

I am totally disgusted with the current constitution which makes democracy, a mockery - created by JRJ (I believe he is in hell and designing a NEW constitution in Apaya).

I am against having elected president with no control.

So constitution and the elected president should be done away with.

Sooner the better.
Patching up the current constitution is a violation of the people’s verdict in 2015.

I must thank the astrologers of the former president, for giving us two bonus years without (another name is National Government) a proper government or cabinet.

Dilly dallying is not what people expected but Solid Actions.

One solid action is to rewrite the constitution and put it for approval at a referendum.

Any other strategy is  unwelcome and we are giving into cunning designs of Ranil (RW).

What if the constitution is rejected at a referendum?

It shows the incompetence of the present legislature and president.

We have to go back to basics or square one!

That is not a crime (barring expense of another referendum).

If the voter gets a better deal that is worth the expence.
The whole idea is to get rid or evict guys like P.Vasu (P stands for vulgarity), G.L.P. (L stands for political lunacy) and Wira Wansas (he should be taken out of the prison as soon as possible, lest he corrupts it furt 

Update on Sri-Lankan politics
Sri-Lankan poltics is volatile, to say the least.

I am no expert on Sri-Lankan (local) politics.

My analysis is based on gut feelings and on the premise "all politicians are gullible liars".

In that sense, I have to make a 360 degree turn over and make a guess. what, if one of the candidates withdraws from the contest towards the end, leaving no room for a third candidate to come forward, the only candidates gets a walkover, like what Roger Federrer did in tennis (he won the Davis cup the following week).

That scenario is most unlikely but scientifically possible.

So my plea for the politically mindful guy/s or girl/s to form an attractive party (you cannot use L(A) L Party or Loony Looners Party- my own creations) and apply and contest as a presidential candidate.

I wish there are at least 100 candidates in the list so that the ballot paper is the size of a newspaper.

Or is rolled over as a toilet roll with hundred pieces in it with number and name of each candidate  in one piece at a time.

This paper should be made of edible vegetable matter with different curry flavours on each piece.

He picks one that he feels nauseating and throws/stuff it into the ballot box and eat the rest.

On his way back home he has 99 flavours to enjoy.

If the election commissioner execute this strategy, I am sure there will be 200% participation.

We always love a second serving but only the sitting president loves to have a third serving.

The rationale behind this incursion is power corrupts and absolute power corrupts the incumbent absolutely. 

P.K.A. is a suggestion for a Party Name.
Please be Kind Enough Attitude to vote for me.

If unsuccessful one can say Ake Puriya Mata Riduna!

The transliteration of A.P.M.R is PuKeAriya) by our legislature.