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Bigger Picture of American Conspiracy and Chinese Interests.

Bigger Picture of American Conspiracy and Chinese Interests.
The American conspiracy ably aided by the Church was to attack communism in the name of free market (dominated by USA and UK) and democratic freedom.

The second weapon is the spread of heroin to all the countries including Ceylon.

In Ceylon they used LTTE as a proxy for this heroin operation.

I often wondered how we survived the American hidden agenda to convert Ceylon into a Christian Colony just like, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Both agendas failed.
In Ceylon, it was fortuitous, ably helped by our Veteran Buddhist Orator, Migatthuwatte Gunananda.
The Catholic Conspirators called him Muttara Balla (turning Batthara Mulla, other way round in Sinhala, where the present Parliament is located) but they could not answer a single counter argument posed by him and retreated when Colonel Henry Steel Olcott descended on this country with Helena Blavatsky.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (12 August [O.S. 31 July] 1831– 8 May 1891) was a Russian occultist, spirit medium, and author who co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. She gained an international following as the leading theoretician of Theosophy, the esoteric movement that the society promoted.

But in China it was Mao Sedong who defeated the American Conspiracy (using Taiwan and Hong Kong as bases for heroin industry, ably helped by Britain).

The plan was to poison the Chinese with Heroin brought from Americas.

This they thought an easy task since most of the poor peasants had the habit of smoking hashish (probably smuggled from Afghanistan through Pakistan).

Mao Sedong banned heroin for his foot soldiers and peasants.

He banned religion too.

For Carl Marx “Religion was an Opium” and Mao used this phrase for his political ascendance.

However, it was Lenin who made the first break through in socialism (labour force activism) but it was spearheaded by the iron hand of Stalin.

China did not have a labour force but peasants.
Mao Sedong’s answer was to take land from feudal land lords and distribute among them, the peasants, the land right.

The peasants became the slaves of the state.

In other words state monopoly.

In America the monopoly is with the few rich capitalists (Bill Gates, a good example) and the rest are suckers on a low salary working for the industry.

The corporate agenda is also based on (private) monoploly.

The point here is whether it is state monopoly or investors monopoly, the workers gets the bread crumbs, CEOs the cream.

The best form to describe capitalism is to use Buddhist term in Pali Agati.

Americans are the living example of all four Agaties sated below.

The literal translation of Agati into Sinhala means any form of extremism, be that it may be capitalism or communism or autocracy.

The term 'Agati' in Pali means wrong course or going bad way.

There are four bad ways,

a) Chandā Agati – the blind attachment-the going a bad way through will

E.g. Any Religion

b) Dosā Agati -the opposite of Maithrie the Hate-the going a bad way through hate

E.g. Hate the communists.

c) Bhayā Agati - the going a bad way through fear

E.g. Americans live in constant fear for life (now from Muslims and Blacks Americans) and everybody wants to have a gun or guns of many makes in his or her possession and they are always “Trigger Happy”

d) Mohā Agati – The wrong view (the anti-democratic means) the going a bad way through delusion

Whole world should be made to become Christians or Catholics or democracies supported by America.

Another point of American conspiracy in Ceylon was to stymie the Rubber Rice Pact with China in 1950s.

USA banned sulphur import to Ceylon to destroy our rubber industry.

My point to end this short analysis of modern human history is to see how we remained a non aligned country.

I think the credit should go to Sir John Kotalawala.

He is the one who said just like capitalists we should be vary about communists, too.

I think he should be called the Bandung (Colombo Plan Summit) Veeraya or Hero.

Sir John had the correct vision for this country.

That is why our Leftists destroyed his political career.

Just like Gaminie Dissanayake (killed in his case) he could have been our best upright (not the preset back bending-rather arching leaders we have) leader.

Not only that he cleverly negotiated with China to have regular supply of rice for rubber.

China with Mao Sedong in power, bailed us out hunger and misery.

But I am not sure with the current Neo-Liberal Chinese who have a global capitalistic agenda.

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