Thursday, June 23, 2016

Moving from Comfort Zone to Conflict Zone

Moving from Comfort Zone to Conflict Zone

I have lived most of my life in comfort zone except for a few occasions when I felt, conflict zone was more important.

In 1988-98 (just returned from abroad-I still consider it was a wrong move) when JVP unleashed the second southern violence, this country was in political shreds both North and South, I decided to remain and fight back for the people around and close to me (not one far all or all for one strategy).

We would have been dead, if that failed.

We did not know from which side the onslaught would come.

There was nobody to protect except ourselves.

Everything changed but we cannot say whether it was right or wrong.

All of us went into a shelf until we woke up again in 2015.

It looks like the “Citizen's Bureau” has gone into hibernation.

This piece is not political at all.

Gradually I shed my craze for cricket, and then politically correct view and last, all religions which preach good but practice evil in the name of god.

Just to delved into the emerging science was the intent.

I remained in in the comfort zone simply because there was no intellectual stimulations from my cohorts.

If I stepped out, I would have been labeled MAD invariably by my cohorts.

Instead I concentrated myself on penning down my thoughts “penned down” by outside or external inertia.

My theoretical analysis tells me, we are imprisoned in our dogmatic brain and not our creative brain.

Good example was we were imprisoned by “Chinthanaya Saga” which was dogmatic brain over working.

How can we open up the “Creative Brain”, I wonder?

Most of my current writing are focused on that direction since I am currently not attached to any physical or spiritual institution (that included the University where I worked).

Recent incident, subtle but sensitive has made me to change and lay idle.

Nobody wants to enter the conflict zone.

One example is nobody seems to investigate the current violence in the Muslim World.

It could easily enter this small country by default, signs are evident underneath.

Let me dispense the mentality of the young JVP, LTTE, Jihad.

I mean the terrorist of any make.

They are obsessive, compulsive, extremely intelligent but psychotics individuals.

Killing is "Shaming Mankind" whether it is at war or for some belief.

We have seen it over and over again from Hitler to Israel to modern ISIS.

Bottom line is Hate and Revenge.

But my bone of contention is blaming only the perpetrators and the cells they are trained is not enough.

We need to see whether it is in our genes or our education (brought down to us from our immediately preceeding generation, or both play part.

How do we untangle this problem and get rid of this malady and unlearn the ravage behavior.

It looks like religion cannot.

Boad Bala Sana is an example.

Perpetuation no extinction of the flame.

Having being in the higher institutes of education (when they come in they are all DOGMATIZED and fixed Brain Syndrome) and seen the polarization there, I believe we have to work on Preschool Entry.

I do not think we have given thought to that.

Preschool children do not have this malady (studies show).

I suppose we must make them proficient in two languages (one mother tongue, one foreign language, to stimulate the creative brain) and stop indoctrinating any religion till at least 16 to 18 years old.

Instead of morals (good and bad) they should be taught Right and Wrong way of Doing Things and Living.

It is an uphill task.