Saturday, November 19, 2016

Unscientific America

Unscientific America

With Mr. Trump coming into power, it is obvious that the word Science has come into prominence.
I did some search (not research which is my bona fide) of America in preparation of a brief visit to New York.
It never materialized.
It ended up me writing two fiction books (not my forte) obliging to a request from my family members to write a few fiction books.

I love writing books on Real Science (not scientific fiction of Sir Arthur Clark's) as an antidote to Arthers's fiction.
The catch phrase in my book was “Ten days in America, I am already broke” which I got printed (fictionally) in my uppers not pants, to avoid all the muggers.

America has few suckers and lot of ordinary people.

My search culminated in writing a book on conspiracies (entire world including Vatican City) which is available on Amazon.

Like America, Amazon is a wonderful organization much better than “Sewering Facebook' and “The Faked News Agency” authored by many unsuspecting guys/girls.
Authoritarian news agencies did not fare well fuelling the Faked News.

The reason for writing this piece is to make you read a few books on America.

1. Unscientific America (about how scientific knowledge filter down to the masses).

2. House of Lies (How the business world operates)

3. Third book I have misplaced and cannot remember the Title, is very good and academic.

It is on the line of “The Matrix of American Population Dynamics”.

I am sorry I cannot give the correct name.

Of course that made me to write a book on Ceylonese Dimensions from “Freedm to Anarchy to War Mongering (That is not the name of my book).

It was titled  “Reflections”, a personnel perspective of Ceylonese Politics with corruption.
In a Matrix of seven or eight levels.

Mind you I am not a politician but a passive observer.

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