Thursday, October 13, 2016

Saying Good Bye to OLD Hard Disks

Saying Good Bye to OLD Hard Disks

If you want to buy an external hard drive, my advice is wait a bit, the prices will come down drastically when the market is saturated.
Wait for SSDs.
In my case all my little videos, photos and all my pdf books can be put in a 32 GiB Smart Slim Card.

Why by Mega Disk?
Power cords and casing are extras.

I have over nearly 20 hard disks of various sizes and shapes loaded with over 500 Linux distributions and I use the
Lightest distribution for my work.
I wanted to build an archive (fearing nobody will store them in the cloud) and the Smart Phones and Andoids spoilt the soup.
As far as Android is concerned it has big security HOLES, especially the Wireless Protocols.

So do not retire the WIRED connection till YOU die.
It is the fastest and the safest, if you use Linux TOR.
Fireroptic does not serve YOU well if your computer's RAM is only 1 GiB.
8 GiB is my recommendation it is roughly Rs.1000/= for I GiB.
I use the cloud for storage which is probably a smarter choice.
The technology is pacing at fast rate and we are getting old very fast.
So saying Good Bye to Linux, Internet and assortment of Emails are on the card and in the distant horizon.

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