Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pain with Smarphones

Pain with Smartphones
Mobile phone is a smart utility in an emergency and on the move.

But it cannot beat a wired connection in many issues.

If it is an old phone it does not have a memory and the secret service has to bug it and wiretap to get the conversation heard or recorded.

If one is sharp one can easily detect, if the wired phone is tapped.
Poor President Nixon comes to my mind and now it has metamorphosed into email servers. 

It used to be a crude method.

I use to take the receiver and hold it for few seconds to see another link is made.

Even though, I was an ordinary guy and not trained in secretive work but had the wondering mind to investgate at firsthand.

Simply because, I said what I mean, and if it was a political statement sour to the party in power that would mean my immediate transfer to a remote place.

In any case, I worked in a remote place in my first few appointments.

I never pulled wire to get what I wanted.

Usually the party in power does the wiretapping.
With a land phone security is not a issue.

1. With a mobile it is a big issue.

2. Mobile or digital communication has an inbuilt memory and can be recorded for posterity.

This was the cardinal mistake LTTE did when they attacked the Katunayake airport.

Even though, it took some hard work and time Ceylonese Police cracked it and kept that secret for a long time.

Memory is the second problem if one is a criminal.

If you see the classic film “The Day of the Jackal”how the plotters were caught by wire tapping and the hired assassin did not take any risks with even the old telephone.

3. My biggest grouse is the Android utilities.
There are thousands of them and sorting out the most useful is a pain in the neck.
Having downloaded my requirements, it took one whole night to customize to my needs.

4. I use the phone as a minicomputer and my only requirement is to access the web and sign off after few lines of blogging (not an essay).

Unlike a computer signing off or logging off is the most difficult job.

Say if I use Google, Gmail and have Google Drive installed and if I lose the mobile all my private data is exposed.

5. They want you hooked to them and like Facebook won't have delete button (in the drop down menu) to sign off the email button.

That is my “beto noire”.

6. There are many other nuances and each individual has his or her own “Grouse Material”.

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