Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Analysis of "Metta"- Loving Kindness

My Analysis of "Metta"- Loving Kindness
We had a little gathering.

The reason being we pulled out few wine bottles (bought few years ago with old prices) off VAT from the attic.

Why pull out the old?

Yes we got a few replacements from abroad “Duty Free”.

They will go to the attic till another replacement comes by our way.

About the prices one reflection would suffice.

Good old days we could buy a good “Thambili Wine” (small bottle) for Rs.275/=.

You know the current prices, one pays Rs. 200/= (half 
a peg or 50 grams) and they do not dish out less than 150 grams nowadays (Rs.600/= in total).

By the way VAT added.

We had many good ideas but I would pen only one.

What good we achieved during the last 20 years?

I thought that was a good one because that was the period SLFP (minus two years) was in power.

We went round the table.
Answer went like.

And finally it got to me.

I had to do the closing comment.

I said minus.

Why was the question?

I was in UK and New Zealand 20 odd years ago.

I did not have hate problem.

I did not have a nationality problem (I was a "Worldly Being")

I had piece in my mind.

The family was happy.

I came to this blessed country to SERVE.

What did I get.

War and more War.

Why do you say minus (Question again)?

There hate is inbuilt in me NOW.

I have to go into "Metta Mode" every time I see a politician on the TV especially the “Wira Wansa” and “Gon (Hol) Man” Pilla type.

The “Metta” was innate in me twenty years ago and after 20 years of SLFP,  I have to remind myself that there is something called Metta.

But every time I see the President (he is half Metta and half political Hate=Neutral).
I cannot say that with Prime Minister.
He is never with the better half or the “Maithree”.
I think he should come out with her once in away to show he has bit of Metta in him.

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