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Missed in My Conspiracy Book-Food Industry

This was written in 15th of February, 2009 and was hidden in one of my old computers inadvertently.

If YOU believe in American Food advice, not only YOU become Obese, YOU will have GOUT, Heart Disease,Hypertension, Arthritis and Diabetes, all are disabilities, if they do not kill you prematurely..

This is a good one for 'RAVAYA" Readers!

How come a man who is comparatively small has to consume large amount of animal protein for survival?

Majestic elephants are vegetarians and they consume all their proteins from plants.

How come a man who is comparatively small has to consume large amount of animal protein for survival?

This is where the WHO has committed a global crime of promoting animal food which wastes over 50 to 75% of grain material that could be better used for human consumption.

(8 Kg (grain) fot 1Kg of meat!

They first started the myth with nominating the egg as a reference protein, since it contains all the essential amino acids.

Next logical nexus WHO struck was to equate all staple food including rice as inferior in quality in reference to egg protein and then to destroy the Asian Rice cultivation.

I will prove that rice is much superior and non-allergenic to all other staple foods in a minute but bear with me for excesses and the excuses.

At the same time with the American help they started promoting the second myth that wheat as the best alternative to rice since its relative quantity of lysine was higher when compared to rice. 

Now with the American help Western Food Industry got a kick start diminishing the Asian wisdom to the back garden.  

With this deliberate ploy to destroy the Rice Industry and all the rice varieties except Uncles Sam's rice which became a house hold name in America.

IMF made the previous government of Sri-Lanka to experiment bread making with rice flour mixture knowing very well it would be a failure. 

Wheat flour has the bread making capability because of its gluten content and rice cannot supplement this allergenic food protein. 
That is why rice is recommended for infants instead of wheat flour.

There was some always a sinister campaign to implicate rice as a poor quality staple food. 

Say this to Japanese they are the only people in this planet who do not believe American propaganda.

Now it is time for some facts and a bombshell.
African Rice variety has the best Quality Protein comparative to all staple foods including Asian Rice.

Thanks to Japan this information is coming from JICA experts and Japan's Genome Project on Rice.

Before I go back to Single Cell Protein from fungi / algae here are some more facts.

It is true that the content of protein in rice is 2% less than wheat which is 10%.

In African rice the protein content is as high as 15%.
As a reference protein of egg is numbered arbitrarily as 100.
Please note no animal survives only on eggs.
Animals including humans eat a mixture of foods.
When the food is mixed the correct amino acid balance is achieved automatically.

Rice has 65 amino acid reference value which is more than twice as corn.

Wheat has 40 and corn has 30.

The quality is actually better for rice.

When rice is eaten with other grains (mung and dhal) it makes up 100 without the addition of any animal products.

If this is supplemented with milk one gets all the ingredients including calcium without the allergic properties of gluten which causes Coeliac Disease.
If rice meal is supplemented with some ripe banana one gets all what is essential.
If the rice is supplemented with soya one has an excellent combination.

It is necessary to mentioned that when WHO published the protein (vary with age and pregnancy) requirement some decades ago, they made some serious mistakes of doing the study on carbohydrate deficient diet that over estimated the protein requirement (this is called the specific dynamic action of food- where protein is wasted as energy).

They had to revise their estimates several times since then and when we were students we were given the wrong information (I of course never believed their estimates) and I never became a beef eater to supplement rice.
How the poor supplemented their diet (as Asians) was to eat more rice (provided the energy which spared the good quality protein and gave power and energy for work) or several meals of rice which made good the sufficient amino acid including the lysine.

However, supplementing with another grain and plant material was the easy choice for me.

My point here is different.

I am writing this here to illustrate that we can produce good quality protein from a single plant cell
Even though we cannot utilize the cellulose we can very well use the plant protein for food.
In fact these experiments were done by oil companies using cheap oil as a substitute some years ago. 

But they never took off the commercial scale due to pressure from beef industry and soya industry. 

There was enough lobbying to object this Single Cell Protein production on safety grounds.
I do not intent to go into politics in detail but suffice is to say that these Single Cell Protein were never marketed as human food but only as animal food.

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