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All Life Forms be happy!

 All Life Forms be happy!

Mind you Dhamma is for insightful realization (wisdom guide) and not an academic exercise!

Sabbe satva anatta
All life forms (higher or lower reams) are impermanent.

What is Dhamma not;

What is Dhamma is;

No greed-Benevolence
Metta-there is no proper English translation for this Pali word!
Wisdom or Self realization there is no permanent Soul or Self.

Dhamma is boundless and timeless.

It permeates all reams and universes (There is no one world but many worlds).

For abodes of the enlightenment ones are

(no proper word in English nearest is “Sympathetic Joy”)

Way forward is Meditation either;
Samatha Bhavana
Samatha bhavana, the development of mental tranquillity with concentration, is accompanied by three benefits; it gives happiness in the present life, a favorable rebirth, and the freedom from mental defilements which is a prerequisite for attainment of insight.
Vipassana Bhavana-Insight Meditation
Vipassana bhavana is realization of the three signs of being, anicca, dukkha, and anatta,

One needs a good teacher not BOOKS.

Read Francis Story (his site) for details

I believe this phrase “sabbe dhamma anatta” is introduced by design by other faiths to discredit Dhamma (meaning non existing Dhamma)

A subtle way of destroying the teaching.


Flowers are the most beautiful things in the world, so here, we are offering the most beautiful things in the world to the Buddha.
 And when they fade, it is also a reminder that things of the world also fade – so it’s reminds us of the teaching that
“Whatever is of the nature to arise is also of the nature to change”.

What is changing is impermanent
life is is a state of flux or ever changing!
It does not say it ceases.
There is Sansara with rebirth.
The word reborn is wrong since its connotation is one is born with “repairs”
Merits take one up the reams of life.
Demerits takes one to lower forms

Read the following that I extracted from another site with some reservation.

Mind you Dhamma is for realization (wisdom guide) and not an academic exercise!

The Meaning of sabbe dhamma anatta
So what does this phrase mean?

    sabbe – means “All”
    dhamma – means “things” – specifically it means phenomena experienced through your 6 senses
    anatta – means “not Atta” – not Self or not the Atta or not the Atman – not me, not what I am, not my self

In the Pali language, the words “Sabbe dhamma” are synonymous with the word “sabba” which means “All” (which the Buddha himself defined as the 6 sense spheres in the Sabba Sutta).  So “sabbe dhamma” or “sabba” means “all things” or “all phenomena”.

And “sabbe dhamma anatta” does NOT mean “There is no self”.

What it means is, “All phenomena are not Atta (Self)”.  All things (all of the phenomena that you perceive through your 6 senses) are not you.  So this applies to everything within the sensory realms – that’s the limit to which sabbe dhamma anatta applies – this is crucial to understand because it does NOT apply to anything beyond the world of the senses.

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