Thursday, August 11, 2016

Planet and Plans

Planet and Plans

I have written an enormous amount of scientific stuff (not proclamations but predictions) over the past 15 years, it is prudent to summarize few facts without figures.

Figures can be manipulated or changed or doctored by American and British scientific forums but facts emerging are worrisome.

1. Global warming is happening alarmingly fast and it cannot be reversed.

2. The scientists knew this from early sixties but under pressure by “fossil fuel lobby” and BP reality was kept under their iron thumb.

3. The agreement on “fossil fuel protocol" was deliberately delayed by USA.

4. Sixth mass extinction is well underway.

5. Strangely aliens (strictly humanoids) have visited us to warn on other issues but Americans suppressed the information for 70 years.

6. The Vatican was preview to most of this information and kept it in their archives for posterity.

7. I am not sure what was the status of Israel (proxy) on all these issues but their priority was water.

This is written with alien visitation in mind and I try to make prediction not so outrageous.

In spite of many planets in the universe humanoids are very few.

Their (humanoid) evolution goes into billion of years but earth is the youngest of all.


I do not know but my observations (not scientific by any means) are a forerunner for future investigations with the help of alien technology.

Earth is the only planet with abundance of water in the whole universe.

The abundance of biodiversity (not god's creation by the way) is not seen anywhere in the whole universe.

That the my crunch point of view.

We are polluting of our water resources including the ocean.
All industrial countries are dumping their waste from faeces to lead to mercury to nuclear waste to the ocean.
In time to come biodiversity (including fish) in the ocean will disappear.

Eating sea fish will be poisonous.

Nuclear industry with few more accidents will tip the balance of nature.

The sixth extinction is man made catastrophe.

The seventh extinction is man made but final.

The five or so humanoid who are trying to contact us want to help us come out of this crisis.

But we are not ready for galactic brotherhood or corporation due to bizarre religions.

The cosmic rules prevent from worthwhile dialogue unless we lift our mental agility (one may cal lit spiritual ability).

My biggest and the real fear is aliens who are not humanoids are with the American Scientists to spoil the soup.

That is why they are keeping Roswell incident under cover.

These aliens want us to destroy ourselves, so that they reap benefit and occupy the earth as their new territory.

The Americans got it wrong.

I hope Russia and President Putin would fill the vacuum.
Russians does not believe in any religions.

China is not ready and woken up lately. 

Obama or next Us President cannot since, the evangelists won't let it happen.

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