Sunday, May 8, 2016

Linux Magazine is FAB!

Newbee Guys and Gals
Below is how an Indian tried eavesdropped on my computer, many moons ago!
Culprit was early SimplyMepis, a hybrid with Microsoft.
I cannot remember, exactly.
I stopped using it, anyway.

NOW Microsoft 10 is cohabiting with Ubuntu bash shell and trying to find its "Lost World" or the Jurassic Park!

I NEWER USED Ubuntu only for TESTING its weaknesses.

Bottom line is even, Linux especially Android can be HACKED.

That is why F-Droid, derivative of FREE Software (Foundation) has come into being.

Current state is discussed in Linux Magazine which has many interesting articles.
Next one is on security features.
If you have enough saving or spare money SUBSCRIBE.
Blog Piece below (it is not here go and look for it) is related to Androids.
Android Kernel is vulnerable, that is why I do not cellphone for critical work.

Best bet for security is TOR in Linux (Linux Anonymous)

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