Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lady's Only

 Lady's Only

This happened in
A royal suite
Of an elite hotel in Colombo
A partially sighted
Gentleman of ill repute
Having poor sight
Due to bilateral upper quadrant hemianopia
Ventured into
A ladies toilet
Quite fortuitously

He was almost finishing
His nature's call
When a lady of a high society
Dock in to drop anchor

Seeing the man's posterior

" This is ladies only facility"
The man in turn

Turned round zipped up
"This was a ladies specialty"

And zipped away
The lady did not know
Whether to agree or disagree

In hindsight the
Man knowing that
He had tertiary
Or the neurosyphilis
To be precise
And his prompt exit
From the facility
Did secure
No further embarrassment
To his integrity

5th October 2006

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